Kim Dong Joon – ZE:A

Name: Kim Dong Joon 김동준
Born: February 11, 1992

  • Maknae of the group
  • Known as “scary maknae” by the other group members
  • Appeared in Sori’s “Burning Down”

“Burning Down”


Park Hyung Shik – ZE:A

Name: Park Hyung Shik 박형식
Born: November 16, 1991

  • Tallest member of ZE:A
  • Appeared in Jewelry’s “Date” MV



Ha Min Woo – ZE:A

Name: Ha Min Woo 하민우
Born: September 6, 1990

  • Dancer of the group
  • Appeared on Introducing A Star’s friend
  • He won 1st/highest award at both ChangWon and YangSan Dance Festivals.

Introducing A Star’s Friend

Jung Hee Chul – ZE:A

Name: Jung Hee Chul 정희철
Born: December 9, 1989

  • Attends Seoul National University of Arts
  • Known as “Mr Grumpy” by other ZE:A members

Kim Tae Heon – ZE:A

Name: Kim Tae Heon 김태헌
Born: June 18, 1989

  • Known as the umma of the group
  • In charge of rapping for ZE:A

Moon Jun Young – ZE:A

Name: Moon Jun Young 문준영
Born: February 9, 1989

  • Leader of ZE:A
  • Known for looking like Micky Yoochun and Kang Dongwon.
  • Appeared on MNET Flower Boy Terror
  • Appeared in Seo InYoung’s “I Want You” MV with Kevin

“I Want You”


Im Woong Jae/Im Si Wan – ZE:A

Name: Im Woong Jae 임웅재
Stage Name: Im Si Wan
Born: December 1, 1988

  • He participated in the Idol Athletics Chuseok Special
  • Made a cameo appearance in the drama “Prosecutor Princess”