Hwang Kwang Hee – ZE:A

Name: Hwang Kwang Hee 황광희
Born: August 25, 1988

  • Following his debut in ZE:A, he have participated in a various number of variety shows, such as “Strong Heart”, etc
  • He has also undergone plastic surgery on his face as mention in one episode of “Strong Heart”
  • One of the “diva” in the group.



Kevin Kim – ZE:A

Name: Kim Ji Yeob 김지엽
Stage Name: Kevin Kim
Born: February 23, 1988

  • He was born in Korea and then moved to Australia.
  • ZE:A’s Australian Charisma, a main singer in the group.
  • He also does rap.
  • During his time in Australia, he acted in movies and musicals such as “sound of music”,  “Aladin”.
  • He appeared in Seo InYoung’s MV, “I want you”

“I want you”


ZE:A 제국의 아이들

Kevin KimHwang Kwang HeeIm Si WanMoon Jun Young
Kim Tae HunJung Hee ChulHa Min WooPark Hyung ShikKim Dong Joon

ZE:A Official Japan Twitter

ZE:A also known as Child Of Empire is a South Korean 9 member boy band formed under Star Empire Entertainment.
The group consists of Kevin Kim, Hwang Kwang Hee, Im Si Wan, Moon Jun Young, Kim Tae Hun, Jung Hee Chul, Ha Min Woo, Park Hyung Shik and Kim Dong Joon.
The group debuted with their EP Nativiy and lead single, “Mazeltov” on January 7, 2010, alongside their showcase performance five days later.
Under the name of Child of Empire, following their appearance on Mnet’s Office Reality, the group gained attention by performing various guerrilla shows and creating UCC videos.
Reaching #1 on both the Album Chart and Artist Chart on Daum on their debut day.
They planned to have a comeback on March 25, 2010
They have also appeared in a documentary-styled show ‘Star Empire’, and later getting their own documentary show titled ‘Empire Kids Returns’, showing them performing in wing car performances around Seoul and training.
The group made a comeback in April with the release of their second mini album, Leap for Detonation.
Produced by Brave Brothers, title song “All Day Long” is melodramatic and featured a major change in style.
The group’s third single, “Level Up”, was released on July 9, 2010.
The group have started off their Asia promotion tour starting with Thailand at the end of July 2010.
Future showcases and promotional events will occur in Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore and more in this tour.
The group will come out with a full album in October 2010.


“All Day Long”

“ZE:A showcase in Singapore”

“Star Empire”

“Empire Kids Return”

Titled: Navity
Released Date: January 10, 2010

01. 戀愛教練
02. New Star
03. 祝好運Mazeltov

“New Star”

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Titled: Leap for Detonation
Released Date: May 18, 2010

01. Intro
02. 一整天(Original Ver.)
03. Man 2 Man
04. 一整天

“Man 2 Man”

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Titled: Level Up
Released Date: July 9, 2010

01 이별드립
02 이별드립 (Inst.)



Kim Hyung Jun – SS501

Name: Kim Hyung Jun 김형준
Born: August 3, 1987
Position: Main Vocal, Rap

Hyung Jun’s twitter

  • His younger brother Kim Ki Bum is a member of boy group U-KISS.
  • He shared high school with Park Jung Min in High School Attached to College of Education Dankook University.
  • He is a member of SS501 sub unit.
  • Magnae of the group.
  • Kim HyungJoon is currently a DJ for SBS Music High (daily at 2am) and took over the MC role from member Kim Kyu Jong as the MC for MBC-Every1’s God of Cookery Expedition.

“God of Cookery Expedition”

“Kim Hyung Jun’s solo”

Park Jung Ming – SS501

Name: Park Jung Ming 박정민
Born: April 3, 1987
Position: Low Vocal

Jung Ming’s Twitter

Royal Avenue

  • Debuted with SS501 in 2005, and was the second to audition in the group.
  • He has guested in variety shows in 2006.
  • Hosted radio program SS501’s Youngstreet with Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng.
  • He was the main character in a program called Human Theater 2010 as himself, Park Jung Min.
  • He also had a TV show entitled What a Women Wants.
  • Went to the same high school as fellow member Kim Hyung Jun at Dankook University.
  • He has worked in the musical “Grease” as lead role of “Danny Park” for which he won the “Golden Ticket Award” for Best Musical New Talent over YeSung in ‘NamHanSanSung’ and other nominations.
  • He is also the CEO and owner of online shopping mall ROYAL AVENUE.
  • Starting out as an online shopping mall, ROYAL AVENUE has opened a showroom and a cafe in Korea since April and in July opened its first branch in China.
  • On the opening of the store, CEO Park Jung Ming has expressed that he has prepared a surprise for its Chinese customers.
  • On August 10, 2010, Jung Ming revealed that he has signed with CNR Media. It is made up of Taiwan’s ‘Comic-Ritz’ and Local (Korea) company ‘Roy  Media’
  • In September 2010, it was revealed that he will be releasing his solo album soon.
  • He finally have his solo career in Japan as he will be appearing in the musical Bonds of Boys from November 18 to 23,2010 in Japan. Jung Min will be playing a role of an exchange student.

“Human Theater”

“What A Women Want”


“If you Cannot”



Kim Kyu Jong – SS501

Name: Kim Kyu Jong 김규종
Born: February 24, 1987
Position: High Low Vocal

Kyu Jong’s Twitter

  • Debuted as a member of SS501 on June 6, 2005
  • He took over the role of DJ from Heo Young Saeng for SBS radio program “SS501’s Youngstreet” on August 21, 2006 as Young Saeng had to undergo a throat surgery and require time to recover.
  • He hosted this program with his fellow member Park Jung Min.
  • He started his acting career with a role in Mnet hip hop music drama “Break” showcasing his acting and dance skills at the same time while playing the role of a b-boy.
  • In 2008, due to two members’ busy schedules, Jung Min performed in a Korean production of the musical “Grease” and Hyun Joong started filming “Boys Over Flowers”.
  • A Sub unit of SS501 was formed with Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Joon.
  • The group was originally named “Triple S” but they changed it back to “SS501”, reason being that they are 5 members always as 1.
  • He joined as one of the regular host for MBC Everyone “God Of Cookery Expedition” since November 21, 2008

“God Of Cookery Expedition”

“Wuss Up”

Heo Young Saeng – SS501

Name: Heo Young Saeng 허영생
Born: November 3, 1986
Position: Main High Vocal

Young Saeng’s Twitter

  • Was a trainee under SM Entertainment, making him close with members of TVXQ and Super Junior.
  • He joined DSP Entertainment and debut as a member of SS501 on June 8, 2005.
  • He hosted SS501’s Youngstreet with fellow member Park JungMin from May 1, 2006.
  • He had to part with the program in August 2006 due to some problems on his vocal cords which requires surgery and time to recover.
  • A sub unit of SS501 was formed, with Heo Young Saeng as the leader of this sub unit.
  • Other members include, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Joon.
  • The group was originally named “Triple S” but they changed it back to “SS501”, reason being that they are 5 members always as 1.
  • Young Saeng composed and wrote his solo song, Is It Love? which is also included in the special project album.
  • He is the first member to have both composed and wrote lyrics for a song.

“Is It Love?”